Container fells on multiple vehicles on Tincan road


While reacting to the incidnet of the container that fell on vehicles at the Tin Can Island, Nigerians have blamed the neligent attitude of the  government as most people claimed the road in the region should have been cleared of these containers ever sinceNegligence, complacency and greed is the cause of this mishap. Am not surprised at all. Nigeria 🇳🇬 a country where anything is possible” a social media user wrote

And some other hoped there wouldnt be any form of casulaity:

I pray that God takes control… There won’t be any casualties. This is very bad. May God save us from untimely death.This is so sad , this is why when I’m on the road and these long vehicles carrying heavy loads are close I keep my distance , I’ve seen way too many Final destination Movies , this is terrible tho