Coronavirus: Cardi B Relocating To Antarctica?

Rap Superstar Cardi B In Trouble Over Strip Club Brawl

Image courtesy Kevin Winter/Getty

As noble coronavirus keeps spreading across countries around the world, popular America rapper Cardi B appears to be considering Antarctica as her new country of residence.

In an Instagram video of Thursday, Cardi B lamented the effects of the disease on global economy, she asked how long the disease would last, as she expressed her fears.

She said ”Government! Government! I know something is getting real when the stock market getting low. What a white corporate American hates the most is losing their money. Tell me when I need to move to Antarctica”.


”Is Coronavirus going to be just a couple of weeks? I’m scared! Common on now! Let’s stop playing around. I need to know so I can rack up some food. This shit is spreading. Bye!”