Enough is Enough. Don’t let Lagos Economy Fall for Insecurity Sake Like Others










We the Igbo Speaking Community has watched with wet eyes the tragedy that had befall most of our compatriots, of the Igbo decent at Abulado, Amuwo-Odofine area of Lagos state on Sunday 15th March, 2020.

With heavy and broken hearts, we lament the continued destructions of lives and properties belonging to members of this illustrious ethnic divide with the government doing little or nothing to checkmate repeated occurrences.

We the Igbo nation have contributed more than any other nationalities towards actualising an economic summit for our host states and thus deserve accolades and not discrimination and gross neglect from the government.

It is obviously, shocking to many that after a week of the Abulado explosion, citizens are yet to be properly briefed on the real truth behind the explosion. What led to it and measures to compensate for the loss as well as measures to put in place to ensure that such would not repeat. The suggested gas explosion and other reasons are not genuine enough for sound minds. Their are peculiarities associated with some of these kinds of occurrences and once you can not count similarities, then you might want to ask if this is a new kind of gas explosion or is the government not telling us something we all need to know?

The nation and the international community are definitely watching us. We wish to remind our dear Lagos state governor that Ndigbo have remained a reliable partner in progress towards the good dreams of our dear Lagos state.

However, we remain positive as a people trusting on the executive governor and the federal government to quickly make available appropriate compensations and in-depth investigative analysis of the explosion and brief the public accordingly.

We demand sufficient security and surveillance on the state markets and it’s surroundings. The schools and worship places should not be left out. We strongly believe that security remains the centre point of any meaningful development.

We call on Ndigbo to more than ever remain vigilant and proactive. They should organise themselves well enough into units to defend themselves and businesses as a dead man can not narrate his ordeal. Life for us remain sacred and immeasurable.

To the media we say, please raise up once again like you have always done in the past to save this land Nigeria. Your Constitutional role is divine and key. You have all the records of both past and present. You know within yourselves the true position of things and the Nigerian populist deserve to know the truth as you hold the public servants accountable to us the people.

Chief Sunday Udeh
(President General Igbo Speaking Community Lagos) 08035734326