Prof. Odinkalu former Chairman of NHRC want Buhari to sack service chiefs


Former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Prof. Chidi Odinkalu has said that the current Service Chiefs need to go in order for Nigeria to become better secured. 

Odinkalu who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, said the security situation in Nigeria has gotten to a height where keeping the service chiefs is no more tenable.

He argued that there must be some persons who will bear the consequences of the lapses within Nigeria’s security setup.

“It seems to me that the service chiefs have got to go because quite clearly they have tried, they have done their best, it is not good enough.So why don’t we try a new set of service chiefs and see where they can do something better.

“We have a situation in which Nigerians are killed in thousands and none of those who run the security agencies that are responsible for protecting the Nigerians who are being killed has paid any price or consequence

“There needs to be consequences for non-performance,” Odinkalu said.

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To buttress his point, Prof Odinkalu argued that the new acting Inspector General of Police is doing better than other service chiefs.

“You can see for instance, the acting Inspector General of Police appears to be different, slightly different from his predecessors.

“He is making an effort, he is communicating with Nigerians better, he is not giving fake news and numbers where Nigerians need to hear facts and figures, he is making an effort, he is trying to take responsibility”.

Odinkalu said Nigerians cannot believe the government over its promises on security because no one is paying for all the irregularities.

He argued that Nigerians are not asking for miracles but for public officers who are going to make a decent effort trying to turn the country around.